Thursday, May 26, 2005

Roger Weldam

This is Roger Weldam, our Philosophy of technology teacher.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Our Teachers

For almost every course we take here at CMD we have a different teacher. Some teachers teach multiple courses so we get to see those teachers a bit more often.
First of all, let me tell you the names of all the teachers. In my next post I will explain which courses we get from who and briefly mention what those courses are about.

In alphabetical order:

Marike Adriaens
Carl Ariza
Jeroen Berkhout
Frans Bronzwaer
Maurice Copier
Rob Delsing
Francois Engelen
Myriam Krebbeckx
Bert Nelissen
Stef Petit
Sylvia Pisters
Maarten Schrevel
Joop van Sintfiet
Lou Wanten
Roger Weldam

Dennis' first attempt to post...

This is my very own first attempt to post something on this blog... More serious things will follow soon!

Now I'm testing if I am able to edit Dennis' posts.


Welcome to our Blog about the teachers we've had the past year!